Dallas Date Ideas: romantic date night ideas, places for a date, and fun activities for couples to do together.


From retro candy stores to luxury car rentals and margaritas poolside, let us help you impress your best babe with creative ideas for fun dates!
The Flash List
Dallas Date Ideas: Retro FlashBack

Retro FlashBack

Date Idea

Throw on your mood ring, check your Magic 8-Ball, get a sitter for the pet rock, and head on over to The Magic Time Machine (the Addison restaurant, not the DeLorean).
Dallas Date Ideas: Get Your Motor Running

Get Your Motor Running

Date Idea

All right adrenaline junkies, start your engines and keep ‘em revved ‘cause we've got your high octane, pedal to the metal, performance racing, motorsports adventures.
Dallas Date Ideas: Playmates


Date Idea

Hot and fun … They don't call ‘em ‘playmates' for nothing. Red Rover, Red Rover, let your best pal (looking and otherwise) come over for some frolicking at these top area attractions.
Dallas Date Ideas: Now That's Progressive

Now That's Progressive

Date Idea

Hop progressively from restaurant to restaurant ordering cocktails at one bar, appetizers at another location, entrees at the next, and then finally, dessert.
Dallas Date Ideas: Horsing Around

Horsing Around

Date Idea

Spur up your boots, tip your hat, and say, "Howdy ma'am." Not to your date, but rather to the delightful selection of horses that will accompany you in equestrian entertainment.
Dallas Date Ideas: Caught on Film

Caught on Film

Date Idea

Casablanca, 9 1/2 Weeks, Couples Retreat … Spice up your moviegoing experience with theater bean bag chairs, wine or BBQ ribs while viewing, giant screens, discounts, and more.
Dallas Date Ideas: Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Date Idea

Texas offers warm weather most of the time; but during any season of the year, indoors or out, Dallasites still have a number of great options for sexy summertime activities.
Dallas Date Ideas: International Affair

International Affair

Date Idea

Looking for an exotic locale in a faraway land ... but would maybe like to stay within driving distance?   Well, you don't have to go to the mountain; the mountain has come to you!
Dallas Date Ideas: A-Muse Me

A-Muse Me

Date Idea

Be the inspirational muse that sparks your partner's creative side. Is your honey artistic? Dramatic? Comedic? Musical? Or maybe just well-suited for a circus performing class?

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