50 Things To Do in Dallas: fun activities, stuff to do for free, entertainment in Dallas, top tourist attractions in Texas.
Roll in a Bentley for the night, customize a candy bar, take two-step lessons, drink in the flavor of a wine tasting festival, or take a gondola ride.
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50 Romantic Things To Do

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Retro FlashBack Date

Go on a Retro FlashBack date

Things To Do

Throw on your mood ring, check your Magic 8-Ball, get a sitter for the pet rock, head on over to The Magic Time Machine (the restaurant, not the DeLorean), then hit We Are 1976...
JT's Boat Rentals

Take a sunset cruise with JT's Private Charter

Things To Do

JT's offers a weekly two-hour 'adults only' sunset cruise during warm seasons. Just bring your own food and drinks and join the rest of the group for a tour around Lake Lewisville.
Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

Slice up pizza at an upscale romantic pizzeria

Things To Do

With over 100 years of coal fired brick-oven pizza-making traditions and an original location that sits just under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Grimaldi's is considered an institution. 
Chocolate Seminars

Attend chocolate seminars at a chocolate conference

Things To Do

The event is a chocolate lover's tasting extravaganza with a wide and impressive selection of fine handcrafted chocolate confections just beckoning to be sampled.
Dallas Museum of Art

Appreciate live jazz at Thursday Night Live

Things To Do

The DMA offers a wonderful collection of art, various interesting special exhibitions, as well as concerts, hands-on programs, tours, lectures, and more.
Savor Dallas

Taste wines to your heart's content at Savor Dallas

Things To Do

Savor Dallas is a premier food and wine festival showcasing star chefs and premium wines while raising funds for area arts and culinary programs.
Grown Up Play Date

Go on a grown up play date

Things To Do

Hot and fun … They don’t call ‘em ‘playmates’ for nothing. Red Rover, Red Rover, let your best pal (looking and otherwise) come over.
Carnival Cruise Lines

Cruise to Jamaica, Cayman, and Mexico

Things To Do

After the longest conga line we'd ever seen, the night ended on the pool deck with the band rocking away and people dancing until way past midnight.
Sexy Summertime Activities

Do sexy summertime activities even in the winter

Things To Do

Texas offers warm weather most of the time; but during any season of the year, indoors or out, Dallasites still have a number of great options for sexy summertime activities.
Restaurant Progressive Dinner

Restaurant hop during a progressive dinner

Things To Do

Hop progressively from restaurant to restaurant ordering cocktails at one bar, appetizers at another location, entrees at the next, and then finally, dessert.
Navigate a Wine Festival

Navigate a wine festival like a pro

Things To Do

Breeze through like a pro when you learn what to do, how to prepare, when to arrive, what to wear, how to take risks, and even how to gracefully ditch wines you don't care for.
Learn About Wine

Learn the very basic basics of wine

Things To Do

Wine is like art. It has a little to do with what's pleasing to most, but everything to do with what pleases you. And with these few tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming an oenophile.
FACC Beaujolais & Beyond Festival

Indulge your palate at Beaujolais & Beyond

Things To Do

The 1960's themed Beaujolais & Beyond Wine Festival was groovy baby; and featured food, wine, go-go dancers, Miss Texas, and more.
chocri Chocolate Bars

Customize a chocolate candy bar

Things To Do

chocri, a popular German chocolate company, has made its American debut. Design your own candy bar starting with a base of dark, milk, or white chocolate.
International Affair Date Night

Have an international affair, date night out that is

Things To Do

Looking for an exotic locale in a faraway land ... but would maybe like to stay within driving distance?   Well, you don't have to go to the mountain; the mountain has come to you!

Be whisked away on a private gondola cruise

Visit Teddy's Room modern vintage burlesque speak easy

Loosen up during a therapeutic massage

Ride Megabus to Houston with fares from $1.00

Socialize luxuriously at Hotel Zaza's poolside lounge

Learn to swing dance with a group

Hustle into the next line dance lesson

Two step your way through Country & Western dance lessons

Sing along at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

Catch a concert at Verizon Theatre

Party like a grown up at Glass Cactus nightclub

Munch candy from a martini glass at Gold Class Cinema in Fairview

Take your best gal to the Galaxy Drive In, Daddy-O

Have dinner and watch a romantic movie

Watch movies from a bean bag chair at the Inwood Theatre

Premiere a movie themed date

Unleash your inner showgirl

Stock up your toy box with handcuffs and massage oils

Pole dance on a party bus

Feel sexy as you slip into some lacy new lingerie

Roll in a Bentley for the night

Have your steak house specialty grilled to perfection

Have your dinner prepared teppanyaki style at Benihana

Have dinner 560 feet high at Five Sixty atop Reunion Tower

Steam down the track of a first-class vintage railroad

Pair cheeses with a selection of wines

Flashback and wax nostalgic at a retro candy shop

Dip dinner and dessert at a fondue restaurant

Uncork a rare vintage from a wine market

Dine on a riverboat

Visit a Texas winery

Glide in a swan paddleboat at Leonhardt Lagoon

Horse around during an equestrian themed date

Oui, vous voulez French food

Board a nostalgic electric trolley during a progressive dinner