Natural Bridge Caverns
The largest commercial cave in Texas and one of the state's most treasured natural attractions invites you to depths 180 feet below the ground. 
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Natural Bridge Caverns

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Natural Bridge Caverns

26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78266


The largest commercial cave in Texas and one of the state's most treasured natural attractions, Natural Bridge Caverns invites you to follow one of their knowledgeable tour guides to depths 180 feet below the ground.  Options include:


Discovery Tour


This original and popular half-mile tour introduces you to an underground world of natural beauty featuring formations such as amazing stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, chandeliers and soda straws.


Hidden Passages Tour


Explore two world class caves where light and darkness combine in huge underground chambers and passages decorated with rare and delicate formations such as unusually long 'soda straw' stalactites, waves of 'cave ribbon' and intriguing 'welt and turnip shields.'


Lantern Tour


On this very first tour of the day only, travel down the winding passages illuminated solely by the light of your cave lantern and be amazed by incredible and rare formations such as towering stone monuments, glistening delicate soda straws, and waves of colorful cave ribbons.


Adventure Tours

An experienced staff will guide you as you climb, hike, rappel, and explore.  No concrete. No handrails.

Hidden Passages Adventure Tour


Not for the faint of heart, this physically demanding three to four hour excursion begins as you are outfitted with caving gear and lowered by rope through a 160-foot well shaft.  Climb, crawl, rappel, explore by helmet light, and reach a depth of 230 feet below surface level where the fascinating Fault Room features one of the longest soda straw formations in North America (14 feet in length).


Watchtower Challenge


Back above ground, use your climbing skills to conquer one of the largest public outdoor climbing towers and zip lines in Texas. The tower provides easy, moderate, and hard levels of intensity.


Watchtower Zip Line Ride


Take in the 360 degree views of the Texas Hill Country before you’re attached by a pulley to one of the 350 foot zip lines which quickly returns you back to ground at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

Natural Bridge Mining Co. & The Rock Shop

Pan for treasure as you sift and shake a tray of mining “rough” under water that runs from a wooden water tower through a series of troughs called a sluice. You may discover gems, minerals, fossils, or maybe arrowheads!


Natural Bridge Caverns

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