Event Review: Cirque Musica
Get tickets now to attend Cirque Musica on tour, and be prepared to walk out of this show with a big clown-sized smile plastered across your face.

Event Review: Cirque Musica

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Since The Flash List concentrates its media coverage on the crème-de-la-crème of local entertainment possibilities, we often face the challenge of adequately conveying the differences between really great events and extraordinarily fantastic ones. 


So let us be clear.


Cirque Musica falls into the category of: “Oh. My. Gosh. You have to see this show!”


It won’t even matter if you’ve already attended the symphony hall version because Cirque Musica has expanded into a brand new over-the-top arena spectacular which launched its summer tour yesterday with an opening performance at the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas.  From the very first moment that you hear the roar of Martin España’s motorcycle emerging from behind the curtain and speeding up a high wire 75 feet into the air with two beauties in tow on a trapeze poised beneath, this elaborate production combines the death-defying feats of world-renowned circus performers together with the awe-inspiring music of a live symphony orchestra.


The Dallas POPS, conducted by Christopher Walls, performed classical numbers from Beethoven and Tchaikovsky as well as original music by Emmy and Academy Award-nominated composer Marcelo Zarvos along with current popular music selections such as Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” Fun’s “We Are Young,” and LMFAO’s “Party Rock.”  Plus an outstanding Led Zeppelin “Kashmir” violin concerto?  Are you kidding us?


Traveling with the show and performing two new original songs written by Debbie Gibson specifically for Cirque Musica is teen singer/songwriter and “New York City Country GirlAli Isabella, a 2012 top 100 selection of The New Music Seminar’s ‘Artist on the Verge’ chart.  Also featured is entertaining emcee of sorts Ambrose Martos and celebrated “Clown of Clowns” seventh generation circus performer David Larible whose wonderfully exaggerated antics during various satirical skits with selected members of the audience highly amused the crowd beyond what we could possibly describe here (see the hilarious video).


With event goers instructed to clap when the performers on stage did things that viewing spectators couldn’t do, applause was abundant throughout the evening during acts by Simon Arestov (balancing on the Rolla Bolla platform and spinning hoops … with his foot lifted over his head), cowboy trick roper Angelo “A.J. Silver” Iodice (creating exciting lasso formations and bullwhip artistry just as impressive as the last time we saw him), the stunning Ashley Winn (gracefully spinning circles and performing a series of acrobatic maneuvers such as the inverted splits from the aerial hoop), and Darren Bersuk (wowing onlookers with his upper-body-feat-of-strength pole dancing of a different kind).


Highlights of the night also included an elegant demonstration of strength and grace by the world famous Wallenda high wire duo comprised of the lovely mother-daughter pair Rietta and Lyric Wallenda (accompanied at one point by the Dallas area’s Veronica Gan who played violin while hoisted into the air via cable) along with the adrenaline-pumping daredevilry exhibited by members of the thrilling España family.  The troupe spun in 360-degree revolutions on the “Extreme Swing” (occasionally jumping off and flying through the air in flips near the arena ceiling) and also brought oohs, aahs, and loud gasps from the audience when Martin and Paul España skillfully maneuvered the overhead “Wheel of Death” (even while blindfolded or jumping rope).  And as if watching Huber and Jorge Dominguez speedily navigating the “Globe of Death” (pictured at top) on two motorcycles wasn’t exhilarating enough, how about a three-motorcycle stunt?  Or how about three motorcycles … and a person standing in the middle?  Yeah, it’s absolutely fascinating.


Get tickets now to attend Cirque Musica on tour, and be prepared to walk out of this show with a big clown-sized smile plastered across your face.  We surely did.


For additional information, see videos below or visit:


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Concert Review: Cirque Musica

November 4, 2011

C'est Magnifique!  Cirque Musica "blends the grace and thrills of the world's greatest circus performers with stunning symphonic music" … and it's magnificent!

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