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This upscale bowling facility boasts state-of-the-art lanes, casual dining, video games, huge video screens, billiards tables, and six-lane private party suite.

Bowlmor AMF

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Bowlmor AMF
3805 Beltline Rd. | Addison, TX 75001 | 972-620-7700


Bowlmor is an upscale bowling facility with state-of-the-art lanes, casual dining, video games, huge video screens, billiards tables, a six-lane private party suite, and more.


For a bowling alley (or even a nightclub or bistro), Bowlmor certainly lived up to its claim of being "strikingly different, indeed."


We were extremely pleased with the level of service we received after walking straight in to the front counter and mentioning that it was our first time there. We were asked for our shoe size and our names (along with the correct spelling, which was a plus to us.)   This information was put into the computer, we were assigned a lane, a tab was started, and no money was exchanged until the end of the evening.


We were then directed over to a nearby counter which housed a display bowling ball that had several sets of various sized finger holes drilled into it.   We were asked to determine which size best fit our fingers, and balls were chosen for us based on our weight and finger size.   The shoes and balls were then carried to our lane for us by the host, and our waiter soon arrived to take our drink and food order.


The booths were plush, the scoring computer worked well, and with 20+ huge big screens lined up across the end of the lanes, we helped The Clash "Rock the Casbah" just before Beyonce began belting it out to all the "Single Ladies."   Bowlmor kept the fun 'rolling' and never once did we have to call anyone over to fix the pin setting machine. (Yeah, we have quite a bit of experience bowling 'old school'.) Note: The club utilizes black lights; so if you're going to wear a black shirt, make sure it's lint free because those little white fibers are gonna glow!


After we perused around the upscale billiards area and white cloth covered dining tables, we were offered a peek at the super sleek six-lane private bowling suite which includes its own bar and meeting room.


Bowlmor AMF is a great place to hang out with friends or host a small party.


Bowlmor AMF

© Photo (top) by Jason Ippolito