Connecting people with nature and inspiring conservation through animal habitats, presentations, touch pools, educational programs, and encounter programs.
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Texas State Aquarium

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Texas State Aquarium
2710 N. Shoreline Blvd.

Corpus Christi, TX 78402



With a mission to “connect people with nature and inspire conservation of the Gulf of Mexico,” The Texas State Aquarium features fish and aquatic animal habitats, daily presentations, touch pools, educational programs, food court, gift shop, and special encounter programs such as Behind the Scenes, Deckside Dolphin Encounter, and Dolphin Trainer for a Day.


Exhibits include:



The mysterious world of an exotic Amazon rainforest with animals and products of this unique natural resource.


Dolphin Bay®

A 400,000-gallon saltwater exhibit (viewable above the water or via an underwater viewing room featuring a 70-foot acrylic window) is the location of the aquarium’s Dolphin Show in which trainers interact with dolphins.

Eagle Pass


This first-class bird-of-prey exhibit which opened in April 2009 showcases a raptor collection as well as wildlife rehabilitation efforts.


Floating Phantoms

An 800-gallon exhibit where visitors can safely view a wide variety of species of stinging creatures including Pacific sea nettles, moon jellies, purple stripe jellies and Atlantic sea nettles.


Flower Gardens

A 40,000-gallon replica of an actual coral reef where green moray eels, porcupine fish, French angelfish, cownose stingrays and barracuda interact with divers during the daily Diver in the Water presentation.


Hawn Wild Flight Theater

Raptors soar through this amphitheater which showcases a variety of trained birds including hawks, owls, falcons and parrots, and other exotic small mammals, through highly entertaining and informative presentations such as the Wild Flight show.


HEB Splash Park


Open in warm weather months, this marine-themed zero-depth wetscape water play area features state-of-the-art water spray jets, interactive water features, water cannons, and more. 


Owen's Paleo Park

A fossil dig site which allows guests to unearth fossilized remains of animals such as the Giant ground sloth and the Saber toothed cat.


Islands of Steel

The aquarium’s largest indoor exhibit, at 125,000 gallons, represents an underwater view of the habitat formed around an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico including its inhabitants: nurse sharks, green morays, a sand tiger shark, and more.


Living Shores

Through several touch pools, six aquariums, and three interactive computer kiosks, visitors can safely interact with hermit crabs, lightning whelks, pencil urchins, and more.


Otter Creek

Witness the high intelligence of the playful North American River Otters (native to Texas and Otter Creek) as they interact with each other and with their trainers through protected contact.


Shark Touch

An opportunity to touch sharks and stingrays in the aquarium’s second outdoor touch pool where guests can learn what to do to protect these animals in the wild.


Swamp Tales

This conservation success story of the American Alligator, which highlights species that are currently threatened and suggestions for protecting them, features an Animal Encounter where visitors can touch an alligator, get close to a tortoise or even greet a snake.


Tortuga Cay

This natural lagoon-like habitat allows visitors to view rehabilitated non-releasable sea turtles from above and below the water and offers a Turtle Tales presentation in which guests learn about the care given to each resident of Tortuga Cay.


Stingray Lagoon


The aquarium’s most interactive exhibit to date, Stingray Lagoon offers opportunities to touch and hand-feed more than 30 stingrays!


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Texas State Aquarium

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