The Chevrolet Ride and Drive Event offers you a chance to test drive a selection of cars on the road course and trucks on the extreme track.

Chevrolet Ride and Drive Event

at the 2014 State Fair of Texas

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Have you ever wanted to test drive a 2015 Corvette Stingray or a 2015 Chevy Camaro Coup or a 2015 Chevy Silverado High Country all the same day all within the same hour? Well, you can do exactly that this week as the Chevrolet Ride and Drive event returns this year to the State Fair of Texas.  Chevy has blocked off a corner of the fairgrounds known as Chevy Park Plaza (northeast of the Top O’ Texas Tower and the Midway). To showcase some of the new features and styling of the different vehicles represented there, they’ve built a small driving course for the street cars as well as an off-road course for trucks.


As you enter the huge air-conditioned tent, you’ll fill out and sign a waiver on an IPad so you can drive whatever is available. Once you’ve finished the paperwork and been cleared by a Chevrolet employee to drive, you will then proceed to another station that has a police officer waiting to administer a breathalyzer to see if you are legal to drive. If you pass the breathalyzer test, then they give you a wristband showing you are good to go.  It’s quick and simple.


Afterward, proceed to the line for the car or truck you would like to test drive. When it is your turn to drive the vehicle you choose, there will be an attendant/product specialist that will escort you to that car group where you will then pick a color you like. The first car I chose was the 2015 Corvette Stingray. There were three colors to choose from, so I chose the midnight blue. Once you choose your car color, the product specialist will then walk you around your vehicle describing all the features you might be interested in.  


Once that is finished, you and the product specialist will get into the car, they will direct you out of the parking space, and you wait for the signal to go ahead. The well-run program moves lots of people through daily with minimal incidents and accidents. As I pulled out of the parking space in the blue Stingray, I shifted the transmission into neutral and romped on it just so I could hear the 460 hp bark. I did incur a reprimanding look or two from a couple of the product specialists standing by due to the low maximum speed limit (the ride is a 10-15 mph trip around a closed course that takes less than 3 minutes). If you want to drive another vehicle, you simply go back into the air-conditioned tent and get in line until it is your turn to go again. It’s pretty simple stuff.


Before you leave, be sure to head for the exit where a Chevrolet representative will be waiting with a free t-shirt offer. This really great event allows people to drive high-quality vehicles in a convenient setting, and I highly recommend stopping by during your visit to the fair.


The Chevrolet Ride and Drive Event at the State Fair of Texas runs September 26 through October 19, 2014 from 9:00 AM – 7:00 daily. The tracks are located in the Chevy Park Plaza, northeast of the Top o’ Texas Tower and the Midway.


For more information, visit:


State Fair of Texas | Chevrolet Ride & Drive Event | Course Map


Guests 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license and upon passing a Breathalyzer test are eligible to drive. Friends and family (except infants) may ride along. Vehicles will run unless the weather is deemed unsafe by track officials.  Check with Chevrolet Ride and Drive staff for the most up-to-date status of the track.